Gently Cleans, Freshens, and Restores Every Day and Special Care Clothing.

New & Improved Dryel with Rapid Refresh Technology cleans and restores your special care clothes. It works in just minutes in the convenience of your dryer, saving time and money. Dryel is gentler than dry cleaning or wet washing and contains no harsh chemicals. Use regularly to quickly clean, renew and refresh.

Cleaning Efficacy: Rapid Refresh Technology leaves clothes clean, refreshed and ready to wear in 20 minutes. The on-the-go stain pen removes stains. Odor & Wrinkle releaser adds freshness and is great for in-between touch ups.

Convenience: Cleaning on your schedule with no trips to the dry cleaner and no waiting for hand washing to dry. Refreshes and renews clothes in only 20 minutes.

Value: Save money on dry cleaning, up to 90% discount vs. the dry cleaner.

Gentle: More gentle than wet washing or dry cleaning. Keeps clothes looking newer longer without fading, shrinking or stretching.

On-the-Go Stain Pen: Safe and effective on clothes including dry-clean-only, delicates and hand-washables. With no peroxide and uniquely designed applicator, it is more effective than the leading stain pen without damaging clothes.

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2 EASY STEPS Safe, Easy & Bag-Free (read the entire label before using)

Dryel How-To Use


  1. PRE-TREAT: Remove small stains with Stain Pen or Dryel Cleaning Cloth. Test for colorfastness in a hidden area. Place a white paper towel under the stain. Gently blot with Stain Pen or Cleaning Cloth until stain is removed. Blot excess cleaning fluid with paper towel.
  2. CLEAN: Unfold one Dryel Cleaning Cloth and place in dryer with one to five garments of similar fabric and color. Tumble dry on medium heat for 20 minutes*. NOTE: DO NOT USE WITH BAG.
  3. ADMIRE & WEAR: Remove garments immediately after dryer cycle has stopped. Your clean and fresh clothes are ready to wear! Use Dryel Odor & Wrinkle Releaser to remove static and wrinkles and refresh clothes between cleanings.

*If excess cleaning solution is visible, tumble dry on medium heat for an additional 20 minutes until fully evaporated.


+ Why don’t I need to use a bag with the New & Improved Dryel?

The New & Improved Dryel is specifically designed with Rapid Refresh Technology, eliminating the hassle of a bag. A single dryer-activated cleaning cloth is all it takes to lift away stains and odors and release wrinkles. Free tumbling allows for the release of wrinkles and ensures space to clean and freshen small household items.

+ How does New & Improved Dryel work to clean my special care clothes?

New & Improved Dryel uses Rapid Refresh Technology to clean your dry-clean-only and special care clothes. The heat of your dryer activates the cleaning cloth which penetrates fabric to leave clothes deodorized, renewed and refreshed.

+ Is New & Improved Dryel difficult to use?

New & Improved Dryel is as easy to use! Unfold one Dryel Cleaning Cloth and place in dryer with one to five garments of similar fabric and color. Tumble dry on medium heat for 20 minutes. A single Dryel cleaning cloth is all it takes to lift away stains and odors and release wrinkles. No bag needed.

+ Is New & Improved Dryel expensive to use?

New & Improved Dryel is more convenient and much less costly than a trip to a professional cleaner. Dryel can clean your everyday and dry-clean-only clothes, saving up to 90% vs. dry cleaning.

+ Won't the heat of the dryer shrink my special care clothes?

No. That’s what’s so special about the New & Improved Dryel process. The dryer-activated clean cloths, and the controlled heat of your dryer work together to safely and effectively clean your clothes without shrinking.

+ How long does it take to clean my clothes using New & Improved Dryel?

Rapid Refresh Technology leaves clothes clean, refreshed and ready to wear in 20 minutes.

+ Why do clothes cleaned with New & Improved Dryel feel softer and smell better than clothes cleaned by a professional dry cleaner?

Dry cleaners use harsh chemicals that, if not continuously filtered, can re-deposit residue back on your clothing. The New & Improved Dryel process vents body soil and odors out of your dryer and away from your clothes.

+ Why does New & Improved Dryel come with an Odor & Wrinkle Releaser spray?

The Dryel Odor & Wrinkle Releaser spray can be used to remove odors and keep clothes smelling fresh in between cleanings. For added freshness, spray in heavily soiled areas like underarms. It can also be used to remove statics and release wrinkles. Simply spray and use your hands to smooth wrinkles away.

+ What temperature should I use?

New & Improved Dryel is designed for use with Medium Heat for 20 minutes. If your dryer does not have a Medium or Perma Press setting you can use High Heat for 15 minutes. The New & Improved Dryel Rapid Refresh Technology will not work properly using the “Air Fluff” setting.

+ Does New & Improved Dryel expire?

As a rule of thumb, most cleaning and laundry products should be used within about a year. Dryel doesn’t expire the way a perishable product would, but will become less effective with time.

+ How do I test my garment for colorfastness before use?

To check for colorfastness, apply a small amount of stain remover to a hidden area and rub with a paper towel. If any dye is removed, do not use on that garment.

+ Are any fabrics not recommended for use with new and improved Dryel?

This product is not recommended for use on any form of fur, leather, suede or velvet, or flame-resistant clothing such as children’s sleepwear.

+ My clothing still has oil splotches and rings after using the product. How do I remove them?

Some of the chemical has adhered to the fabric and has not fully evaporated yet. Remove the cleaning cloth and continue drying the item in the dryer on Medium heat for 20 minute intervals until fully evaporated.

+ Will the heat of the dryer shrink my clothes?

The New & Improved Dryel Rapid Refresh cleaning formula will not cause any shrinking, fading or stretching of fabrics. The combination of water from washing and the heat of your dryer is what causes some fabrics to shrink.

+ Is New & Improved Dryel safe?

New & Improved Dryel is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Dryel uses Rapid Refresh Technology without harsh chemicals and does not contain phosphates, perchloroethylene (perc) or trichloroethylene. Dryel is always gentle and will not shrink, stretch or fade most fabrics including dry clean only, special care clothing, difficult to clean items and small household items. Dryel is also safe for use in any dryer, including gas, electric and HE and will not leave any residue behind.

+ What types of dryers can I use the New & Improved Dryel in?

When used as directed, it can be used with all types of dryers, including gas, electric-powered and high-efficiency dryers.

+ Do I wash my clothing before using New & Improved Dryel?

New & Improved Dryel is designed for safe and gentle dry cleaning in the convenience of your dryer. One to five dry garments are placed in the dryer with one cleaning cloth on medium heat for 20 minutes as the gentle cleaning vapor freshens and cleans.

+ Can New & Improved Dryel be used to clean down items?

New & Improved Dryel may be used to clean and freshen down items, provided the item may be placed in the dryer and the cleaning cloth does not come in direct contact with the down feathers. Please ensure the directions are followed.

+ Can I use Dryel to clean a comforter?

Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner can be used to freshen and spot treat a comforter provided the care instructions allow for the item to be placed in a dryer and the item does not overfill the dryer. We recommend filling about half of the dryer drum to avoid overfill issues and to ensure free tumbling, which enables the cleaning vapor to penetrate the fabric fibers as it gently cleans and freshens. If the comforter fills more than half of the dryer drum, we advise using a larger commercial size dryer and following the Dryel usage directions, still using one cleaning cloth on Medium heat for 20 minutes.

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