Fels-Naptha® Laundry & Stain Remover Bar

Removing the Toughest Stains Since 1894

Powerful Stain Remover


Fels-Naptha® is the go-to clothing stain remover, effectively tackling the most stubborn stains like dirt, grease, oil, and perspiration with its original, tried-and-true formula.

Laundry Booster


Enhance your wash with Fels-Naptha®, the fabric stain remover that doubles as a laundry booster, working alongside your detergent to obliterate stains and ensure a deeper clean for your fabrics.

Easy-to-Use Bar


Say goodbye to messy spills with the Fels-Naptha® stain remover bar; simply wet the stain, apply the bar directly, and wash after a minute. It’s straightforward, no-fuss stain removal at its best. See packaging for complete instructions.

Trusted Stain Fighter


Savvy laundry knowhow proven by generations for over 130 years. With simple ingredients and authentic formulation, Fels-Naptha® reliably and aff­ordably tackles your family’s toughest stains better than ever.

Versatile Cleaner


Our multi-use cleaning bar can also be used for many cleaning applications around the home. Grate the bar into hot water wherever you typically use your household cleaners.

Learn More About Fels-Naptha® Laundry & Stain Remover Bar

Fels-Naptha® Laundry & Stain Remover Bar has a formidable reputation for removing the toughest of stains. For over a century, Fels-Naptha® has been the secret weapon in laundry rooms across America, offering powerful removal of grease, oil, perspiration, and a variety of other stains from all types of fabric. Its convenient and easy-to-use bar form allows for direct application to stains, eliminating the mess and waste often associated with sprays and liquids.

As an efficient laundry booster, Fels-Naptha® Laundry & Stain Remover Bar can be grated into your washing machine, helping your regular detergent work even harder for a deeper clean. See packaging for complete instructions.


How to Use Fels-Naptha® Laundry & Stain Remover Bar

Read the entire label before using.

Stain Pre-treater:

  1. Wet stain, then run with the bar.
  2. Wait 1 minute and wash as normal.

Laundry Booster:

  1. Grate 1/16th into the washer with detergent.
  2. Wash as normal.

For more product information, see our Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Frequently Asked Questions About Fels-Naptha® Laundry & Stain Remover Bar

What is Fels-Naptha® and how does it work as a clothing stain remover?


Fels-Naptha® is a time-honored stain remover bar that has been trusted by generations to remove challenging stains from fabric. It’s specifically formulated to break down and wash away tough stains such as grease, oil, and perspiration, making it a powerful ally in your laundry routine.

Can Fels-Naptha® be used on all types of fabrics?


Yes, Fels-Naptha® is a versatile fabric stain remover that works on a variety of fabrics. However, it’s always best to check the garment’s care label and conduct a patch test on a small, inconspicuous area first.

Is Fels-Naptha® different from liquid stain removers?


While liquid stain removers may be more common, Fels-Naptha® Laundry & Stain Remover Bar offers a no-mess and precise application that many users prefer. Its bar form allows for targeted treatment of stains without the overuse of product, making it an economical choice.

What's new about Fels-Naptha® under the Zout® brand?


Fels-Naptha®, now part of the Zout® brand family, continues to provide the same robust stain-fighting formula. The formula is the same stain-fighting formula with only slight changes to the fragrance due to the manufacturing process. We continuously monitor to ensure you receive the same high-quality product our loyal customers are used to. The label ingredients have been updated by our regulatory team to be compliant with label ingredient requirements.

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