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Bathroom Deep Clean: Tackling the Toughest Stains Safely

Bathroom Deep Clean: Tackling the Toughest Stains Safely

The bathroom is one of the few places in the home that everyone uses universally used by everyone, which means it tends to need deep cleaning more often. And with so many specialized products available for cleaning the bathroom, It can be challenging to find one natural, chemical-free, and reusable solution for the whole room.

More and more American consumers are looking for safer, eco-friendly options to get these difficult jobs done. Luckily there’s the EarthStone Bath Cleaning Block. This chemical-free and environmentally friendly option is powerful, effective, and safe to use on porcelain, tile, and grout, so you can use it on toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks with confidence.

Some of the more common deep cleaning problems and solutions are noted below.

Hard Water Stains

One of those tricky problems that keep coming back, hard water stains will haunt you if you don’t find the right solution. When you need to seriously clean an area like a sink or bathtub more than once a month, the less time you need to spend on it, the better. Chemical solutions work well, but you may not want to be subjected to a barrage of toxins. Vinegar is an excellent tried-and-true method, as the acidity in it will break down minerals that cause the stain. Allow the vinegar to sit for about ten minutes, and the stain will come off with a little bit of scrubbing. Even better, pick up an EarthStone Bath Cleaning Block to get the job done.

Unsightly Toilet Rings

Citric acid powder is a cost-effective, safe way to address stubborn toilet stains. Suitable for people who like to set it and forget it, citric acid just needs to be dissolved in a bit of water and then poured into the toilet basin. Leave it overnight, then scrub it away with a toilet brush in the morning. Alternatively, if you want to tackle the job in five minutes or less, the EarthStone Toilet Cleaning Block is the perfect tool. It removes hard water stains, toilet rings, rust, and mineral buildup.

Inevitable Buildup

Daily tidying helps keep your home beautiful and simplified. But every now and then, you need to clean up the edges, the corners, under the counters, etc. In the bathroom, toothpaste, hair, and dust get trapped and packed together with condensation and can be hard to remove. To remedy this, mix up a paste of baking soda and vinegar with a 4:1 ratio or higher so the baking soda doesn’t bubble too much. Look for a thickish consistency, somewhere between wet cement and spackle. Apply it to the corners of the sink and around faucets, leave it for about five minutes, and then scrub it away with an old toothbrush.

Mirrors and Faucets

Let’s face it; mirrors and faucets get gross. Not just in how they look, but by nature, they collect a ton of bacteria, and glass cleaners don’t always disinfect. For these surfaces you’ll have the best luck with a spray of 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can add essential oil or citrus skins into the mix to create a better scent. Contrary to common understanding, 70% alcohol is a better disinfectant than 91% due to its chemical reactions with the bacteria’s. Since 70% is already diluted with water, it’s a better choice for cleaning these pesky surfaces, and it’s streak-free. Make sure to use a lint-free cloth to wipe the solution away.

Though the alcohol will disinfect, it may not be the right solution for removing stuck-on toothpaste or rust rings. EarthStone Bath Blocks are made from 95% recycled glass powder and shape to the surface they’re being used on. A little water and the cleaning block are all you need to remove the toughest stuck-on mess. Spray the area with your alcohol when you’re ready to wipe it all clean, and you’ll get the disinfectant benefits as well.

Floors and Tiles and Grout—Oh My!

There are a few options here that will work for all of these areas and multiple surfaces. Combining them in just the right way will give you a solution that’s fast, non-toxic, and mostly odorless. Ideally, you want to get everything clean with as few products as possible. Use an EarthStone Bath Cleaning Block, isopropyl alcohol (or a citric acid and water mix), and a lint-free cloth.

With three items and fifteen minutes, you can have your whole bathroom deep cleaned and disinfected.

The EarthStone Bath Cleaning Block is specifically designed for bathroom use, but any EarthStone cleaning block will work for tile, grout, porcelain, cast iron, chrome, and more. You can use the cleaning block dry, but wetting it with some hot water will help it glide across the surface, meaning less elbow grease. Scrub the whole bathroom: mirror, sink, faucet, shower, tub, floors, and toilet.

Once you’ve scrubbed all the stains and grime away, spray each area in the same order you scrubbed them, with a 70% alcohol or 0.5% citric acid and water spray. Once again, in the same order, wipe the surfaces with a lint-free cloth. Unlike a typical household sponge, the cleaning block won’t absorb any bacteria or viruses, and it won’t ever grow mold, so it’s safe for use on multiple surfaces at once.

Always test each surface in a small and unnoticeable area to find the best combination for you and your home. Happy cleaning!