Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner

The ONLY Disposer Deep Cleaner with Bleach Alternative Foaming Power

Robust Foaming Action


Experience a powerful and deep clean with this advanced foaming garbage disposal cleaner. Specially designed to penetrate deep, it eliminates stubborn buildup and neutralizes bad odors in kitchen sinks and drains. Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner is made or formulated without harsh chemicals, and is safe for all disposer, plumbing, and septic systems.

Specialized Solution


Effectively combat grease, oil, and food-related unpleasant smells in your kitchen sink with this user-friendly disposal cleaner. Simply place a cleaning packet into the disposal to activate the robust foam, which scrubs sidewalls, blades, and under the splash guard, leaving no area untouched. See packaging for detailed instructions.

Lasting Freshness


Infused with the Power of Plink’s lemon-fresh scent, this garbage disposal cleaner not only cleans but also freshens your sink and disposal. This convenient and efficient cleaner breaks down trapped fats and food particles, ensuring your kitchen remains fresher for longer.

Optimize Disposal Efficiency


Maintain a smoothly running garbage disposal with this foaming cleanser and odor eliminator. Regular weekly use of Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner prevents the build-up of unpleasant smells and enhances the longevity and efficiency of your disposer. Follow the detailed instructions on the packaging for optimal results.

Natural Cleaning Power


Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner uses natural ingredients to deliver exceptional cleaning power while being eco-friendly.

  • Made in USA

Learn More About Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner

Eliminate tough grunge and combat persistent garbage disposal smells with Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner, the leading solution for your kitchen needs. This powerful disposal cleaner delivers a deep and thorough clean, with a foaming action that’s enhanced by a safer bleach alternative and the fresh scent of Plink® lemon. It dives deep into the hardest-to-reach areas of your garbage disposal to remove the sources of unpleasant odors and buildup.

Formulated with the environment in mind, Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner packets are biodegradable and safe for all disposal and plumbing systems. Incorporate it into your weekly kitchen maintenance to ensure a consistently fresh-smelling and efficient garbage disposal. Between deep cleanings, use Glisten® Garbage Disposer Care® Freshener daily to maintain a clean and odor-free disposal. Embrace the power of a dedicated disposal cleaner to keep your kitchen at its best.


How to Use Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner

Please read the entire label before using.

  1. Start with a turned off, empty disposer. Run a strong stream of hot water into the disposer side of the sink but not directly into the disposer. After one minute, reduce hot water to a pencil width trickle.
  2. Remove one cleaning packet from the package. (DO NOT OPEN PACKET) WITH DISPOSER OFF and water still at a trickle, insert one unopened biodegradable cleaning packet completely into the disposer. Turn on the disposer.
  3. Blue cleaning foam may rinse into the sink or both sinks if a double sink. Cleaning action continues as foam retreats into disposer. Cleaning is complete once foam entirely disappears from disposal (approximately 1-2 minutes). Rinse remaining foam from sink and turn off disposer.

Note: If cleaning foam is not visible, repeat above steps, ensuring hot water trickles at pencil width. Glisten is designed for use in properly working disposers and will not clear a clogged drain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner

What makes Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner a superior choice among disposal cleaners?


Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner stands out with its unique foaming action, utilizing a bleach alternative for a deep and thorough clean. It specifically targets the hard-to-reach areas of your disposal and drains, ensuring effective cleaning while being eco-friendly and safe for your home’s plumbing.

How often should I use Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner to eliminate garbage disposal smells?


For optimal results and to keep garbage disposal smells at bay, it is recommended to use Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner on a weekly basis. This routine helps maintain your disposal’s performance and freshness.

Is Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner safe for my septic system and effective against disposal grime?


Absolutely, Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner is not only effective in deep cleaning your disposal but is also perfectly safe for septic systems, ensuring your disposal is clean and odor-free without harming your septic functionality.

What does it mean if there’s no foam during the cleaning process with Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner?


A lack of foam could suggest low water pressure or a disposal issue. However, Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner is still working to clean and deodorize. If your disposal stops, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for a reset. The efficacy of the disposal cleaner remains intact, foam or no foam.

What if my disposal shuts off while cleaning with Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner?


Garbage disposals are designed to shut off, if overheated. Most disposals have a reset switch on the lower portion of the disposal, which when pressed should enable the appliance to restart. If your disposal does not have a reset switch, let the disposal cool, then restart the appliance.

Is Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner still effective if the packet is solid or if I don’t have a disposal?


Even if the packet is solid, it maintains its cleaning power. However, it’s specifically formulated for use in garbage disposals and is not suitable for sinks without disposal units.

Is there a risk of Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner clogging my sink?


When used correctly, Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner won’t clog your sink and is not intended for use to clear clogged drains. The cleaning packet is biodegradable. Hot water and the disposal action fully break up and dissolve the packet, producing the powerful scrubbing foam. If the unit is clogged, it is likely due to excessive use leading to buildup of grease, limescale, soap and food scraps. You may need to contact the disposal manufacturer or a repairman.

My garbage disposal still smells even after use of Glisten® Garbage Disposer Cleaner. Did it work?


Try running a strong stream of HOT water into the disposal for a couple minutes to loosen and clear the buildup. Excessive buildup may require additional applications, so it may be necessary to use another cleaning packet to fully deep clean the disposal and drain pipes.

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