EarthStone® Grill Cleaning Block with Handle

Environmentally Friendly Grill Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your grill has never been so safe and easy!

Grill Cleaning Block is made from recycled materials. Each stone saves the equivalent of 1 glass bottle from being added to landfills.

How Often to Use: Use the Grill Cleaning Block as often as needed to scrub away stains from grills, griddles, smokers, and other cooking surfaces. Safe for many materials, including porcelain enamel, cast iron, stainless steel, steel, and chrome.

95% Recycled Material.



Made in the USA.

Safe for Most Surfaces.


Directions for Use

  1. Block can be used on dry or wet surface
  2. Apply gentle pressure when scrubbing
  3. Using a cloth or water, remove residue from cleaning surface

Note: Test Grill Cleaning Block on a small surface area to determine abrasive resistance.

Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Cleaning Tips & Tricks