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Woolite: High Fashion’s Secret Weapon

Woolite: High Fashion’s Secret Weapon

For a lot of folks, Woolite is just another detergent. But in reality, Woolite has been the best friend of high fashion for over 65 years. When Woolite was invented, our detergent was made with exactly that mission in mind: to offer a budget-friendly option for cleaning delicates and specialty items. At Woolite, we understand the deep connection that our customers have to their clothes, and it’s our goal to make a detergent that keeps those carefully-curated pieces looking as fresh as the day you bought them. So today, we’re going to give you a few tips on keeping your fits fresh with Woolite, and then look at Woolite’s long history with the fashion industry.

Before all of that, though, we should talk about all Woolite has to offer. The brand is known for its specialty laundry detergents, sure — Woolite Gentle Cycle, Woolite Darks, and Woolite Delicates. Not all clothes are created equal, so not all of our detergents are created equal. Each of our detergents feature special formulas, made specifically for the clothes that you love to wear. But, we know you’ve probably got some extra special pieces in your closet for those extra special nights out. You don’t want to just toss that Little Black Dress in with pajamas and yoga pants. But, spending your rare days off at the dry cleaner, forking over $60, isn’t exactly our idea of fun (or convenient). So, we created Woolite At-Home Dry Cleaner. Our at-home solution for your most prized pieces brings all the cleaning power of a specialty dry cleaner to your dryer. Save time, save money, and keep your clothes at their best — what’s not to love?

We know that most wardrobes are a bit of a mixed bag. There’s stuff you love, stuff you like, and stuff you… well, stuff you just kinda bought. That’s just the way it is. Luckily, Woolite has options for everything in that closet of yours, from that summer camp tee you have (that somehow still fits) to your favorite designer coat (that you wish you wore more often). Even better — Woolite won’t charge you $100 to dry clean a few dresses.

Exhibit A: You’ve got the latest piece from your favorite designer. You love it. If you could, you’d live in it. There’s a chance that you don’t even wash it because God help you if the color fades or the fabric stretches in the wash. So, when you inevitably spill some of that second or third (or fourth, you do you) cocktail on it, and don’t even realize the stain until the next day…what do you do? Are you really going to trust some stranger at a dry-cleaner to take care of your all-time favorite piece of clothing you’ve ever owned? They can have five-star reviews on every site from Google to Yelp, and whatever else in between, but that doesn’t really help. You don’t know them!

That dress/coat/shirt/skirt/etc is your PRIDE AND JOY. Don’t let some stranger decide its fate!

At least, that’s what Woolite thought, so we made the perfect at-home dry cleaning system. And you guys, when we say perfect, we mean PURRFECT. Woolite At-Home Dry Cleaning ticks all the boxes. It’s cheap, it’s convenient, and it works. Woolite At-Home Dry Cleaner makes cleaning that prized piece easy. It removes orders, removes stains, and releases wrinkles from your favorite clothes. And, it does all this without harsh or harmful chemicals, making it safer for you, and safer for the planet (ps: Save the Turtles). Forget spending an hour going to and from the dry cleaner — Woolite At-Home Dry Cleaning literally takes minutes.

And we know, most closets aren’t chock full of the latest and greatest to come off the runway. We’ve all got our ‘fast fashion’ go-to’s, and there’s no shame in that. For the more everyday items in your wardrobe, Woolite’s got an ideal solution in our line of detergents. Many of your everyday outfit items probably are a bit more likely to stretch and fade in the wash, so it’s even more important to use a detergent that’s up to the task. For decades, Woolite has been trusted with keeping blacks dark and whites bright.

We got our start in 1951, after designing a detergent meant specifically for handwashing delicate or specialty fashion garments. Our detergent was made with high fashion and designer clothing in mind. Admittedly, that meant a lot of nylon at the time. Fast forward to 1990 though, and Woolite decided to expand into everyday laundry detergent, using that same dedication to fashion and quality care that we were founded on. It’s a fine line, that balance between cleaning and caring, and we’re proud to say that Woolite detergent hit the nail on the head.

In 2002, the denim resurgence came. Not that denim ever fell out of fashion, but the early 00’s brought a renewed focus on handmade, bespoke jeans and selvedge/raw denim. We recognized that this high-quality denim deserved a high-quality detergent solution, so that’s exactly what we made. Woolite Darks quickly became the go-to name in keeping denim and dark fabrics looking their very best, wash after wash after wash.

At Woolite, we’ve always been involved in the world of high-fashion. That’s why, in 2012, we participated in New York Fashion Week. Woolite set up its WooliteWashed Boutique popup, as a testament to our dedication and love for the high-fashion community. We partnered with some of the top designers to give back to the fashion community, and to get engaged with the wonderful event of NYFW. For us, clothes are more than just…well, clothes. They’re pieces of self-expression, and they make you, you!

At the end of the day, Woolite is here to help. We want your favorite clothing to look the best that it possibly can, as long as it possibly can. We’re dedicated to helping our customers express themselves through their clothing, with budget-friendly, convenient, effective clothing care solutions.

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