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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit

It’s natural to want to look fabulous for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re having a romantic evening just for two or a night out on the town with all your single gal pals, you’ll want to look and feel your best! Being comfortable in whatever you’re wearing—and not letting it wear you is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to looking your most beautiful.

And we’ll let you in on another secret: with OUT ProWash on your side, you won’t have to worry if you spill a little wine, ragu, or chocolate on your beautiful outfit. Its unique formula removes the most stubborn stains and odors from hard-to-clean fabrics. So go ahead and wear those special items without fear of ruining them. It’ll be a worry-free, fun Valentine’s Day to remember when you feel your comfiest and look your loveliest. Not sure what you should wear for your specific occasion? Here are some perfect ideas for any type of celebration!

A Casual Evening by the Fire

Maybe your special someone is cooking up a special meal—or maybe you are! Perhaps you’re ordering pizza and having a night of binge-watching your favorite tv show together. If you’re spending Valentine’s evening in, you’ll want to go more casual/comfy chic with your attire. For those who prefer pants, a pair of nice joggers or faux leather leggings can be dressed up to look like you tried way harder than you did. Go with soft layers to look put-together yet casual and comfortable. If you want to go the extra mile, a staple like a sweater dress can be both cozy and stylish.

Coffee? Tea? Me?

A coffee date usually calls for something casual yet smart as well. Try your nicest pair of jeans with a pretty, feminine blouse or a soft, off-the-shoulder sweater. Something flirty like a flouncy floral dress paired with ankle boots would also work beautifully. Add some fun, funky accessories and a colorful bag, and you’ll be all set.

Dinner and a Film

The best thing about a dinner-and-a-movie date is that you can take your attire in whatever direction you choose. Stick with jeans, a sweater, and trendy trainers; go for leggings, a long, belted top, and boots; or go with your favorite casual dress and a cardigan. Just remember that layers usually work best for the movie theater with the variation in temperature.

A Table for Two

Going out for a romantic, candlelit dinner with the love of your life? Could it be the night your significant other gets down on one knee and pops the question? Whatever your reason for wanting to dress to the nines, the best thing to do is whatever makes you feel gorgeous. If you feel like pulling out all the stops, go glam with sequins and a smoky eye. Want to be more traditional? Pull out your favorite dressy outfit in shades of Valentine’s red or pink. And hey, you can never go wrong with that most trusted and foolproof standby, the little black dress.

A Fancy Party

If you’ve been invited to a party with “dress to impress” or “black tie optional” stamped on the invite, it’s either time to go shopping or turn to the more formal side of your closet. A beautiful cocktail dress, an evening gown, a jumpsuit, or a fancy trouser suit are the most common choices for this type of event. A midi cocktail dress in red or pink with fun back details is a great option. So is a flowy evening gown in shades like champagne and blush. Or you can really have fun with it and do a silver metallic trouser suit or jumpsuit.

Gal-entine’s Day

Those who are heading out to paint the town red with their gal pals are in for one of the best treats! There’s so much fun to be had and none of the fretting about impressing a love interest or having an awkward first date. And best of all? There really aren’t any rules when it’s time to dress up for a girls’ night out. This is the time to wear those fun pieces that make you feel happiest and most radiant. Shimmy into that short, sequined number. Toss on the flowy, silky gown you never get to wear. Don your favorite jeans and velvet crop top. Be playful and fun when dressing to go out with the girls, and you won’t go wrong.

Staying In

Maybe you’re the type who is anti-Valentine’s Day. That’s okay too! Even if you’re staying in and enjoying your own company for the evening, it’s an excellent opportunity to show yourself a little love. But don’t throw on the same ratty old sweats or holey PJs. Put on some loungewear or pajamas that make you feel your best, your most confident and beautiful, and celebrate YOU with some self-care. That could look like relaxing in front of a movie or tv show, curling up with a good book, practicing your favorite hobby, or just going to bed early.

Whatever the occasion, just have fun with your look and enjoy your evening! And don’t worry about that red wine spill. OUT ProWash will be waiting for you back at home. No matter what, when you’re comfortable in your own skin and feeling like the best version of yourself, you’re bound to have the time of your life on Valentine’s Day.