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The Ins and Outs of a Clean Washing Machine

The Ins and Outs of a Clean Washing Machine

It’s easy to think that cleaning your washing machine isn’t necessary. After all, the machine washes and cleans things. Why would it need to be washed? It all sounds a little silly. Doesn’t the hot water and soap constantly being flushed through the appliance sort of clean itself? Well, not exactly.

There are a few reasons that the washing machine doesn’t clean itself through doing laundry alone. One is that we aren’t always washing clothes on ultra high temperature, or on the most rigorous cleaning setting. With more and more of us using eco-friendly, low-energy machines, the action inside the appliance isn’t always super robust. This leaves plenty of room for bacteria and scum to build-up, despite regular use. On top of that, we are using laundry detergent in our machines. That’s hardly the proper soap to clean sturdy, hard surfaces like the inside of your washing machine. While it may work well for fabric, it’s not getting the job done for surfaces. Last but not least, there’s more to the machine than just the loading compartment. Inside of your appliance there are hoses, filters, and pumps that all attract dirt and grime. Simply running your washing machine as usual isn’t going to clean those areas, of course.

So, what’s the worst that could happen? Why bother cleaning your machine at all? Well, this can be answered through a bit of science. As you use your detergent in your machine, a residue builds up inside of the appliance. The rinse cycle washes away most of the soap, sure, but there is residue that builds up over time.  That residue can contain minerals and chemicals that actually promote bacterial growth. On top of that, this same film then traps the bacteria in place, giving it a nice home inside your machine. Yuck. This bacteria increases the workload on your appliance and detergent. The result of this is water that isn’t properly hot, and detergent that isn’t as strong as it should be.

Aside from performance, a dirty washing machine simply isn’t going to last as long as a clean, well-maintained appliance. By allowing soap scum and bacteria to build up inside your machine, you’re forcing your appliance to do more work than it has to. When your appliance is working harder with each load, it’s simply not going to last as long.

So, how often should you be cleaning the machine anyways? As a rule of thumb, washing machines should be cleaned inside and out once a month. If the interior of your washing machine is white, you may even start to notice dark stains around the rim of the drum. Those aren’t stains from fabric or dye — they’re germs! This buildup can actually damage your clothes, if left untreated.

There are a lot of “DIY” methods to cleaning your washing machine out there. One popular tip is to use some kind of bleach solution. Unfortunately, bleach is obviously toxic. At Summit, we aren’t believers in using toxic, abrasive chemicals in the home environment. The more we can avoid that, the better. In addition to being toxic, bleach can do very serious damage to a septic system. Trust us—that’s an issue you want to avoid altogether.

White vinegar is also a popular option, but it can be quite limited in its cleaning ‘muscle.’ It will disinfect and sanitize to a degree, but it’s not as effective against hard-to-remove mineral stains and buildup.

The solution? Glisten Washer Magic. We’ve created a powerful, safe, and versatile washing machine cleaner. Glisten powerfully and simply removes odor-causing, fabric-damaging bacteria from your washing machine. It cleans the hard-to-reach areas like your door seals and detergent drawers — something that can’t be said of DIY methods. It’s also Safer-Choice certified by the EPA, so you can ditch the toxic, obnoxious chemicals found in bleach and other household cleaners. It’s versatile, too! Glisten Washer Magic is safe for use in every kind of washing machine.

When circulated in your washing machine, Glisten Washer Magic increases the solubility of mineral buildup and dirt. While this happens, Glisten’s active ingredient also works to dissolve soap residue and scum that have been left behind during normal use of the machine. Once Glisten has scrubbed away these buildups and deposits, the dissolved material is rinsed away with the cycle of the washing machine. Just like that, you’ve got a sparkling new washing machine.

You might think that using Glisten is some kind of day-long chore that requires all kinds of elbow grease. Rest assured, this is not the case at all. To use Glisten, you’ll want to put a little of the cleaner on a damp rag. Simply wipe the rubber seal around your washing machine’s lid, and then rinse with a wet rag. This quick, painless process is the only part of using Glisten that requires any real work on your part. After this, add some Glisten Washer Magic into the detergent drawer or directly into the drum. Run your machine on a regular setting, with its hottest available water temperature. Once the cycle is finished, your washer is ready for use. For particularly dirty washing machines, you may want to repeat this process.

Earlier, we mentioned that Glisten is a Safer Choice Certified product. What exactly does that mean? Well, at Summit Brands, we believe cleaning products and home goods should be harmless to both your family, and the environment. So, we’ve invested heavily to develop products like Glisten that fit the bill. Safer Choice Certified products are reviewed at a compositional level by the EPA, and must pass a stringent series of qualifications. Not only is each ingredient independently examined, but the label, packaging, and more must qualify as family and environment safe. Achieving Safer Choice Certification is no small feat, so it’s something we’re quite proud of at Summit Brands.

So, cheers to a healthy, clean washing machine. By using Glisten Washer Magic once a month, you can drastically improve the effectiveness of your washing machine, while also prolonging its lifespan. It’s simple, safe, and practically does all the work for you. What’s not to love?