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Summit Brands acquires Zout® and Fels-Naptha® brands

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, Sept. 13, 2022 — Summit Brands announces the company’s recent acquisition of the Zout® and Fels-Naptha® brands. These brands were previously owned by Henkel, and they join a strong Summit Brands portfolio of other laundry products, including Out White Brite®, Out Pro Wash® and Dryel®.

Zout® was developed in the early 1960s as a professional cleaning solution for doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms. Today, Zout® has been engineered with an advanced triple enzyme formula technology for a wider variety of fabrics and stains. Enzymes are specially designed to help break down specific stain types so that they can be more easily removed in the washer.

Fels-Naptha® is a laundry bar with over 100 years of proven stain-removing experience. Fels-Naptha® is regularly reviewed by social media influencers, touted as a product with one of the longest histories as a household cleaner that is still available and effective today.

Joel Harter, President of Summit Brands, said, “We continue to execute against our strategy to be a leader in the specialty and niche consumer brands market. Zout® and Fels-Naptha® complement a robust existing Summit Brands line-up. These longstanding brands further strengthen our position in the laundry category on the heels of our acquisition of Dryel® at-home dry cleaner earlier this year.”

With these acquisitions, Summit Brands significantly grows its laundry business and gains 20 additional retailers with thousands of points of distribution.

About Summit Brands

A family-owned business started in 1958, Summit Brands offers highly effective, sustainable, and innovative household cleaning products. Summit Brands began with the distribution of a multi-purpose rust stain remover, Iron Out and has since branched out to include a broader line of specialty cleaning products under the OUT®, Glisten®, Plink®, EarthStone® and Dryel® brands. As a category leader in many consumer segments, the company’s goal is to provide high-quality cleaning products that fit the needs of the consumer with guaranteed results.