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Spring Fashion: How to Dress for Less in 2021

Spring Fashion: How to Dress for Less in 2021

It seems like everyone is ready for the bite of winter to give way to the warm breeze of spring. It’s always so refreshing to watch the snow melt, shed your heavy coat, and change up your style to fit the season. There’s a significant benefit to a fresh new look for spring, but it doesn’t require you to break the bank.

This year especially, many of us are sticking to a stricter budget. You can achieve on-trend looks for less by purchasing versatile staple pieces, buying secondhand, and shopping in your own closet. In addition, you’ll save money on your wardrobe by taking care of items according to their care instructions. It’s often tempting to throw everything in one load on normal/cold, but that’s not really the best thing for your garments. Investing in products that keep your clothes fresh and stain-free will ensure that your wardrobe goes a long way. Take great care of them with products like OUT White Brite Laundry Whitener, gentle detergents and cycles for delicates, and odor-eliminating detergents for stubborn smells and stains.

Following are some of the upcoming spring fashion trends and how to add them to your wardrobe for less.

Stop to smell the florals.

What says springtime better than flowers? After a cold, gray winter, it feels so good to slip into something flowy and floral. Floral skirts and flouncy tops will be must-haves this year. Don’t have anything like that? That’s okay—the thrift shop definitely does. No matter where you are in the country, there is likely a secondhand store of some kind near you, and you can bet they’ll have floral prints galore. If you don’t have any luck at your local thrift store, there are plenty of websites and apps where people sell their gently used clothing at great prices.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to a flowery motif, but this year you can expect to see a lot of small prints and vintage patterns. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $15 for most secondhand finds like this.

Lighten it up with soft pastels.

It doesn’t really feel like spring if there isn’t some kind of pastel floating around, and this year is no exception. Light blues and yellows are on-trend this season. While you’re perusing the racks at your local stores or your resale clothing apps, keep your eye out for pale colors that complement pieces you already own or match your new floral pieces.

You can really set off a buttercup-colored ensemble with pops of blue accessories. Somewhere in the very back of your closet might be hiding a little sapphire clutch or a turquoise belt that will bring your whole look together.

Do a total white out.

Maybe it’s because we all want a clean slate this year, but white outfits with black or metallic accessories are definitely on the fashion roster for spring. You probably have some white garments you purchased and haven’t worn much. Try pairing a casual white button-down with crisp white jeans, add some retro thigh-high boots, and finish it off with a gold necklace and clutch. You’ll be the pinnacle of 2021 spring fashion. While white clothing is timeless and fresh, and lightens up any other hue you pair with it, it’s also notoriously difficult to keep crisp and unstained. In fact, it can be so hard to keep white clothing looking flawless that we often reserve it for special occasions. Investing in a detergent booster like OUT® White Brite® Laundry Whitener will ensure that even busy moms can wear white day to day without fear.

Match your mask.

Why look at wearing a mask as an inconvenience when you can seize the chance to accessorize? In just a short time, masks have made their way onto the fashion scene, and it’s no wonder. With so many styles and prints available, you can match your mask to any outfit. Try out a simple and sleek black, or if you have sewing skills, whip up a coordinating cover from your recycled wardrobe.

Take a look behind you.

It’s no surprise, really, but lots of retro fashions are making a big comeback this year. That means revisiting hat area of your closet that hasn’t seen the light of day in years will pay off big time. Padded shoulders, anyone? Tie belts on oversized shirt dresses? Tap into the fashion mind of Designing Women and play with textures and bold accessories to create your outfits. If you aren’t into going back in time, you can give a simple nod to the bygone fashion era with an ankle bracelet and a sheer top layer. And now is the time to don those espadrilles again! Trends leave for a while but manage to pop back up in future rotations.

Holding on to timeless staple pieces like jackets and button-downs will prove to be a good investment. You’ll want to keep those items fresh and clean for the next time they come into fashion. Woolite® Dry Care gives an at-home solution for dry clean and everyday wear clothing alike. Make sure to follow the laundering instructions on your garments’ tags, and they’ll be sure to outlive the next fashion cycle.

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