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Keep Your Water Bottle Clean with Plink

Keep Your Water Bottle Clean with Plink

The single-use water bottle seems decidedly ‘passe’ these days, as we switch to a more environmentally-friendly and reusable option. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to get on a city bus or train without seeing a dozen or so of these eco-forward water bottles. Unfortunately, these water bottles often aren’t getting cleaned with any regularity. Instead, they’re often re-used day-in and day-out, without much thought to washing or rinsing. And understandably so—they’ve just got water in them, how dirty could they possibly be? Well, it turns out—they can be very dirty. Like, very very dirty. Luckily, Plink Universal Descaler and Cleaning Tablets are here to help. Today, we’re going to get into some of the cleanliness pitfalls that can come with reusable water bottles (and thermoses!), and discuss how Plink Universal Descaler and Cleaning Tablets can fix those right up.

So, what’s the worst that can happen inside that trusty water bottle of yours? Well to answer that, let’s start from the top. How do dangerous bacterias and fungi grow in the first place? They really only require three things: water, warm air, and (apologies, this is gross) some kind of organic matter. With your water bottle, this will usually come in the form of backwash. If you’re keeping something besides water in your water bottle, that third component can also be sugar or salt—both of which are found in nearly every single non-water beverage that exists.

In the bottom reaches of your water bottle, it’s virtually guaranteed that all of these fungi-friendly things can exist. So, what do we get when we add all of these together?

Mold! This process of mold growth can take just a couple of days to happen in your water bottle. If you haven’t washed your water bottle in over 72 hours, chances are, mold is beginning to grow. Yuck. The main kind of mold that can grow in your water bottle is called ‘biofilm’. These are sticky growths on the sides of a surface that allow bacteria and fungi to thrive. Because of their sticky, tacky nature, shaking and rinsing with water is going to do absolutely nothing to get rid of them. Another type of mold can grow on the surface of the water itself. If you’re storing more than just water in your bottle, you’re at high risk for this type of growth. Many people use thermoses for their coffee and tea — those are going to be veritable playgrounds for mold and bacteria growth.

But wait, there’s more. Aside from mold and fungi, it’s (unfortunately) important to think about what’s in our own bodies. In our mouth and body, we have all kinds of bacteria and flora. The good news is that it’s almost all entirely harmless. Because our bodies are ‘used to’ their own makeup, these bacteria and germs don’t always make us sick. But if you’re sharing a water bottle with someone, you’re looking at a different situation altogether. If we ingest foreign germs into our system, we could be at risk for strep throat, mono, colds, or the flu. Even meningitis can be a huge health risk if we’re sharing water bottles.

With all of this said, it’s high time we started thinking about water bottle cleanliness. What can we do to clean up our act (or at least, our water bottles)?

Although many people point to boiling water as a solution for these potential water-bottle-woes, that alone isn’t going to solve the problem. Boiling water does very little to reduce staining or mineral buildup, both of which are extremely common in reusable water bottles or thermoses. Also, boiling water provides very little in terms of tough, sticky bacterial removal.

All of this—grime, staining, mineral buildup, and mold—can be tackled head-on with Plink Descaler and Cleaner. The powerful, safe cleaning solution takes care of the bacteria or fungus left behind by coffee, tea, and water in your thermos or bottle. What’s more, our solution is perfectly suited to plastic, glass, aluminum, or stainless steel. If you’ve got a thermos or reusable water bottle, Plink is its perfect companion. Plink Descaler and Cleaner is a safe, powerful formula that will sanitize, descale, and deodorize any kind of build-up in your water bottle or thermos. And yes, that includes mold.

Rinsing with water or vinegar isn’t going to be tough enough to remove sticky, surface molds inside of your bottle. And often, the bottles are too narrow to successfully get in and scrub by hand. With Plink Descaler and Cleaner, that’s all solved—you can say goodbye to the endless cycle of daily rinse-and-scrub. Instead, simply ‘plink’ the effervescent tablets in your thermos or bottle, and watch as they dissolve the stains, grime, and bacteria away. Once you’ve used Plink tablets, the difference is clear. On top of being useful in your water bottle or thermos, Plink Descaler and Cleaner is a fantastic solution for coffee makers. With Plink Descaler and Cleaner, you can restore water bottles, thermoses and coffee makers to like-new, meaning your purchases last longer with the help of Plink.

And as with all of our products at Summit Brands, Plink Descaler and Cleaner is a sustainable and safe alternative to harsh, planet-damaging chemicals. We take our commitment to the environment and community very seriously, from even the development stages of products like Plink. This includes the product itself to the materials used in its packaging. So, just like the water bottle you’re using it in, Plink Descaler and Cleaner is an eco-friendly solution to one of life’s everyday problems.

All-in-all, whether you’re carrying around tea, water, or coffee, chances are the bottle isn’t getting cleaned enough. And when that’s happening, you’re putting yourself at risk for mold, bacteria, fungi, and even viral infections. Thanks to Plink Descaler and Cleaner, though, you can easily, quickly, and safely eliminate any of these risky characters you may otherwise find stuck to the inside of your bottle.