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How to Clean Dishwashers — The Easy Way

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How to Clean Dishwashers (The Easy Way)

Since your dishwasher’s job is to clean dishes, it’s easy to assume it cleans itself every time it runs. But dishwashers get gunked up the same way your sink or garbage disposal does. Everything from hard water impurities to crusty food to detergent residue build up every time you use it – and not just in the places you can see.

If you appreciate the work they do for you, it’s best to learn how to clean dishwashers periodically to keep them working efficiently as long as possible.

Dishwasher parts to clean.

There are three parts of your dishwasher that need to be cleaned to keep your machine running optimally:

  1. The dish rack. If the plastic coating wears off of the tines of the dish racks in your dishwasher, they may corrode and rust.
  2. Your filter. Look at the bottom of your dishwasher or under the lower spray arm – you may find a filter that needs to be cleaned regularly. If your dishwasher has this filter, check your owner’s manual to find out how to remove and clean it. If it has holes in it, replace it to protect the pump and motor seals from particles that may be in the dishwasher.
  3. The spray arm. Over time, the small holes in the spray arm(s) of your dishwasher may become clogged with bits of food, lime scale and hard water buildup. Your dishwasher will do a better job of cleaning your dishes if these holes are clear.

How to clean your dishwasher.

So here’s how to clean dishwashers. The good news is Glisten® Dishwasher Magic® is designed to clean parts 1 and 3 mentioned above for you (and more!), and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Note: Dishwasher Magic should be used in an empty dishwasher. (DO NOT USE with dishwasher detergent.)

1. Take off the cap. Don’t remove the wax plug – just leave it alone and move on to step 2.
2. Place the bottle upside down inside your silverware basket or in a secure position in the bottom rack.
3. Close the dishwasher. Run your machine on the hottest cycle. Don’t use eco or quick cycles – it won’t work!

That’s it – just three easy steps!

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