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Easy Ways to Get an Eco-Friendly Clean

Easy Ways to Get an Eco-Friendly Clean

Experienced home keepers and professional cleaners alike have unlocked the secret to having a really successful cleaning routine. Using the right tools for the job makes cleaning up so much easier, faster, and in many cases, more cost-effective.

Whether you’re a business or a family, finding cleaning products that work on multiple surfaces and don’t introduce a variety of harsh toxins into the air is important. Products that focus on efficiency and the environment are the gold standard. Concoctions like vinegar and baking soda, alcohol, and citrus, and dish soap are often suggested as eco-friendly and wallet-saving solutions.

While these methods are tried and true, they often require a bit of time, plus they can leave strong, lingering odors. If you’re sensitive to odors, the last thing you want is to leave vinegar sitting on your surfaces for five minutes.

EarthStone Cleaning Blocks have no odor, no chemicals, and no additives. Much like baking soda, the specially designed block uses micro-abrasive action to clean stains, rust, and grease.

Where can you safely use EarthStone Cleaning Blocks? Just about anywhere that’s a non-porous surface. EarthStone Cleaning Blocks are all made from the same 98% recycled material and have the same qualities, but each one is shaped and sized to make that job the easiest. Let’s take a look at ten places you can use your Grill Stone, Bath Stone, Pool Stone, or Kitchen Stone.

Grills and Smokers

The EarthStone Grill Cleaning Block will leave your outdoor cooking appliances cleaner than ever. Safe to use on stainless steel and cast iron, it’s a chemical-free and quick way to make sure you’re cooking on a clean surface. Unlike other cleaning methods, there’s no need to preheat or soak the grill before tackling that burned-on mess.

Fire Pits

Just as the Grill Cleaning Block is safe to use on the caked-on carbon and food from the grill grate, it’ll make short work of the soot and stains on your metal and/or stone fire pit. Use the cleaning block dry, or wet it with some hot water for a more effortless glide.

Showers and Baths 

Use an EarthStone cleaning block on porcelain, enamel, grout, tile, and chrome to get rid of mildew, hard water stains, and soap scum. For a disinfectant follow-up, spray your freshly scrubbed fixtures with a mix of 70% alcohol and your favorite essential oil.


There are few things we’d be comfortable using on both the inside and outside of the toilet. But the Bath Stone doesn’t absorb any bacteria, viruses, or particles. It’s made of very finely ground glass and specially formed into a strong block. Attach the toilet-cleaning handle for an easy reach. No harsh chemicals are required to remove rings in the toilet or rust from the bolts at the base. When you’re done, spray your block with 70% isopropyl alcohol for a disinfectant finish.


Not all stoves are the same, and everyone has their preference. Luckily the Kitchen Stone is safe on most ranges. Glass tops are the easiest to clean right away, but when the boil-over gets cooked on, most people resort to a razor blade, which can be dangerous. Using warm water and a cleaning block is safe, effective and much faster than scraping away each spot individually.

Likewise, the metal grates of a gas stove and the eyes of an electric stove are challenging to clean. Make short work of this task using a cleaning block, but avoid getting the inlets wet when rinsing the electric eyes.


The self-cleaning mode sounds like an excellent idea until it makes the whole house hot and smell like smoke. When you use chemicals, there’s always the fear of lingering toxins or a residual smell. Baking soda works well on oven grease and burned-on food, but it can cause just as much of a mess as it’s cleaning. The Kitchen Stone is an excellent one-item solution for cleaning those stubborn messes.

Stoneware, Glassware and Ceramics

The Kitchen Stone isn’t only suitable for cleaning the inside of the oven, but also for the cookware you put inside it. It’s perfect for your pizza stone, vintage casserole dishes, and glassware baking dishes — no soap is required for a shiny clean.

Pots and Pans

No matter how often we think we’re cleaning our cookware, the bottoms of our pots and pans can still build up a sticky brown layer underneath. When gunk gets baked on by the burner’s direct heat, there are few things that can strip it away. Steel, ceramic, and cast iron will come clean of even the toughest stains and buildup with a Kitchen Stone.

At the end of the day, you want to know that your home is not just clean but free of harsh toxins and residues from chemical cleaners. Rest easy once you’ve added the various eco-friendly, reusable EarthStone Cleaning Blocks to your arsenal of tools.

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