No-Iron Wrinkle Releaser & Anti Static Spray

Woolite® Wrinkle & Static Remover reduces wrinkles without ironing and doubles as an anti static spray. It’s designed to quickly, easily and safely de-wrinkle, freshen, remove odors and eliminate static from clothing and all fabrics. This most versatile product is great for use in the home, office, dorm or when traveling. Use it on clothing, curtains, throw pillows, furniture and more. With Woolite, it’s as easy as spray, smooth, and hang.

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Portable Wrinkle Remover & Anti Static Spray

Eliminate irritating and potentially embarrassing wrinkles and static with this portable wrinkle remover and anti static spray. It is formulated to release wrinkles from all fabrics without ironing and is ideal for use in the home, office, dorm or when traveling.

How Often To Use: Use regularly to eliminate wrinkles and static.

Non-Compatible Surfaces/Materials: Woolite Wrinkle & Static Remover is safe on most fabrics. Be sure to test a hidden area first on fabrics that may water-spot, like silk and rayon.

Performance Guaranteed. All of our products have a money–back guarantee, promising that every product will meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re not satisfied with product performance, mail your register receipt along with UPC to Summit Brands for a full refund.

Made in the USA.

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Directions For Use

Read entire label before using.

  1. SPRAY: Place garment on hanger or flat surface. Spray lightly and evenly, do not saturate.
  2. SMOOTH: Gently smooth away wrinkles with your hands.
  3. HANG: Hang until dry. For quick drying, tumble in dryer for 2 minutes.

How to use

Precautions And Safety

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not ingest.

For more product information, see our Safety Data Sheets (SDS).


+ What does Woolite® Wrinkle & Static Remover do?

Woolite® Wrinkle & Static Remover is designed to reduce wrinkles without ironing. Woolite wrinkle remover spray for clothes and more is a quick and easy solution that safely de-wrinkles, freshens, removes odors and eliminates static from all fabrics. This most versatile product is great for use in the home, office, dorm or travel, including use on clothing, curtains, throw pillows, furniture and more.

+ Will Woolite Wrinkle & Static Remover eliminate the static in my clothing?

Woolite Wrinkle & Static Remover spray is designed to eliminate static, as well as remove wrinkles and freshen clothing.

+ Where can I purchase Woolite Wrinkle & Static Remover?

The Summit Brands product line is available for purchase through national retailers, both in stores and online; some products may also be available for purchase through our website. Use the “Where to Buy” button to locate online and local retailers who carry this product or begin your purchase through the site.

+ Can I use Woolite Wrinkle & Static Remover on any type of fabric?

Woolite Wrinkle & Static Remover safely releases wrinkles, freshens and removes static from all fabrics including clothing and household items.

+ Can I use Woolite Wrinkle & Static Remover with my iron or steamer?

Woolite Wrinkle Releaser & Static Remover is a no-iron product; however, the product can be used with an iron or steamer to replace starch.

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