EarthStone has reinvented heavy-duty cleaning and sanding.

Versatile, effective and non-toxic cleaning and sanding block easily removes tough build-up, strips paint and varnish and smooths unfinished surfaces. Ideal for indoor and outdoor cleaning and sanding including tubs, sinks, oven interiors, pool tile, tools, outdoor furniture, rough wood and drywall.

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Removes tough build-up, rust, scale and paint!


  • Hard Water and Rust Stains
  • Soap Scum and Grime
  • Baked-on Grease and Food


  • Paint
  • Varnish
  • Rust and Scale from Metals


  • Rough Wood
  • Spackle
  • Joint Compound


98% Recycled Material.


Made in the USA.

Safe for Most Surfaces.


  1. Block can be used used dry or wet.
  2. Apply gentle pressure when cleaning.
  3. Use a wet cloth or water to remove residue.

*Use on porcelain, ceramic and pool surfaces including concrete and gunite pools.


  1. Block can be used used dry or wet.
  2. Move briskly back and forth using moderate pressure. For finish sanding, use less pressure.
  3. Tap block against a hard surface to release accumulated particles.
  4. Use a brush or clean cloth to remove residue before applying sealer, coating or paint.

*Use on drywall, rough wood, rusted metal and painted surfaces.