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  • Plink® Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner – Citrus Orange Scent package

    Plink® Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner – Citrus Orange

    Plink Your Sink! This innovative, economical garbage disposal freshener & cleaner washes away foul odors and keeps your disposal and whole kitchen smelling citrus orange. Learn More >>

  • Plink® Drinkware Descaler & Cleaner

    Plink® Drinkware Descaler & Cleaner dissolves the toughest, set-in stains. The hard-working, effervescent tablets penetrate and lift away stubborn stains, hard water and mineral buildup and eliminate odors for a deep clean. With no scrubbing, it’s easy to restore and shine your drinkware. Learn More >>

  • Plink® Dishwasher Freshener & Rinse Aid

    Plink Dishwasher Freshener & Rinse Aid is a Multi-Action Agent that Combines Freshening and Spot Prevention. Fresh Lemon Scent. Last Up To 60 washes per Clip. Learn More >>

  • Plink® Bin Fresh® Odor Eliminator

    Plink Bin Fresh easily neutralizes foul odors and delivers lasting freshness in garbage bins and other tough areas where odor lingers. The innovative fragrance technology slowly diffuses to neutralize annoying odors, leaving garbage bins and the whole room smelling fresh and clean. The versatile Plink gel pack is convenient and ideal for many applications throughout the home. PLINK YOUR BINS monthly or as needed to avoid pesky odors. Learn More >>