November 23, 2014

Super Iron Out ® Launches New & Improved Formula

Super Iron Out ® Launches New & Improved Formula
The Best on Rust is Now Even Better!

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA – Summit Brands the makers of the #1 brand in rust stain solutions; Super Iron Out have launched a new and improved formula to the marketplace. The changes come after a monumental brand advocate survey* and comprehensive emission and efficacy study**.

Super Iron Out Rust Stain Remover helps consumers living in high iron areas clean and prevent rust stains from forming in toilets, sinks, tubs and even helps clean and maintain water softeners. Sulfer Dioxide (So2) emission is the unpleasant odor commonly associated with the use of Super Iron Out. This pungent odor was harmless but unpleasant to the user. The new formula has reduced SO2 emissions and will continue to have the same powerful efficacy.

"It was our goal to make Super Iron Out powder more consumer-friendly; we achieved this by reducing the SO2 emissions by 94% said Blake Parton, Project Manager at Summit Brands. "Our laboratory and consumer testing show that the new formula is as effective or better across a wide range of uses."

An additional benefit is that Super Iron Out is now phosphate free. This is important because phosphate have been found to have harmful effects on rivers, lakes, streams and other fresh water sources.

* JH Specialty, 2013 Brand Advocate Survey
** Sherry Laboratories, 2012 Emission & Efficacy Study

About Summit Brands

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Summit Brands has been family owned and privately held since 1958. We offer highly effective, sustainable and innovative household cleaning products. Summit Brands began with the distribution our multi-purpose rust stain remover, Super Iron Out ® and has since branched out to national and global distribution with such brands as Glisten ®, Plink ®, White Brite ® and Drain Out ®. We are category leaders in many consumer segments from appliance cleaners to water treatment products.

It is the goal of Summit Brands to provide high-quality cleaning products that fit the needs of the consumer with guaranteed results. Our Mission is to be an innovative global organization of integrity with an unwavering commitment to our customers, employees, and the environment, based upon financial strength that comes from embracing operational excellence.