November 23, 2014

Summit Brands Announces Renewal of Partnership with GE Appliances ®

Summit Brands Announces Renewal of Partnership with GE Appliances ®
Life is a whole lot better when your water is not as hard.

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - Summit Brands, a Fort Wayne-based manufacturer and marketer of specialty household cleaning products, today announced their renewed partnership with appliance industry leader GE Appliances ®. This partnership allows Summit Brands the opportunity to educate new and current GE Appliances consumers on how to properly clean and care for their water softener with the help of Summit Brand products.

Since its founding in 1958, Summit Brands has exceeded customer expectations through compliance, innovation and continuous improvement on high quality cleaning product that solve the toughest appliance cleaning and rust stain problems. Some of the top selling brands include Super Iron Out ®, Glisten ®, Plink ®, White Brite ® and DrainOut ®.

GE Appliances & Lighting uses innovative technologies and ecomagination SM, a GE initiative to aggressively bring to market new technologies that help customers and consumers meet pressing environmental challenges, to deliver quality of life, convenience, protection and savings. GE Softeners help reduce scale buildup, making tubs, showers and sinks easy to clean. Towels washed in softened water use 1/3 less detergent and are 45% whiter than towels washed in non-softened water.GE softeners include GE SmartSoft™ technology which learns your water usage patterns to help ensure you have soft water when you need it. A bypass valve allows you to use non-softened water to wash cars or water lawns. GE SmartSoft technology also saves on salt, water and energy by using up to 60% less salt than conventional softeners and up to 35% less energy with its low-wattage transformer.

"You notice the difference using Super Iron Out with a GE Softener as preventative maintenance against hard water build-up. The water feels noticeably smooth and soft" says Blake S. Parton, Project Manager at Summit Brands. "We are excited to partner with GE, because we are equaled in our knowledge and commitment in solving the consumer's issues that develop from hard water build-up."

With this partnership consumers purchasing a new GE Softener are provided with knowledge concerning hard water issues such as rust, helpful tips on preventing and removing rust stains and coupons to Summit Brand products like Super Iron Out. Additional care and cleaning tips are available at both company websites.

About Summit Brands

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Summit Brands has been family owned and privately held since 1958. We offer highly effective, sustainable and innovative household cleaning products. Summit Brands began with the distribution our multi-purpose rust stain remover, Super Iron Out ® and has since branched out to national and global distribution with such brands as Glisten ®, Plink ®, White Brite ® and Drain Out ®. We are category leaders in many consumer segments from appliance cleaners to water treatment products.

It is the goal of Summit Brands to provide high-quality cleaning products that fit the needs of the consumer with guaranteed results. Our Mission is to be an innovative global organization of integrity with an unwavering commitment to our customers, employees, and the environment, based upon financial strength that comes from embracing operational excellence.

For more information about Summit Brands or our family of products, please contact us at or visit the website

About GE Appliance & Lighting

GE Appliances & Lighting spans the globe as an industry leader in major appliances, lighting, systems and services. Providing solutions for commercial, industrial and residential use,. General Electric (NYSE: GE), imagination at work, sells products under the Monogram ®, Profile™, GE ®, Hotpoint ®, Reveal ® and Energy Smart ® consumer brands, and Tetra ®, Vio™ and Immersion ® commercial brands.

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